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Go After Your Dreams

Go After Dreams Summary:Did you have big dreams growing up? How many of those dreams have you worked on? How many have you accomplished? 1, 2, 5 or none? And why is that?In this inspirational book, you will learn to:•Own your brilliance•Embrace your failures as they are stepping stones to your success•Empower yourself•Explore the world•Go after your dreams and don’t give up•Seek and surround yourself with positive energy


The Courage To Make Money

The Courage to Make Money is an exciting and inspirational book. Many people neglect their progress and future. They put the interests and needs of others first. Most of us automatically and hastily adopt the conventional lifestyle pass down to us by our parents. We don’t realize that it is possible for us all to improve our financial situations and break the cycle.


Mom To Millionaire

We dream of a better and brighter life; but never achieve it. We hope and pray for a better job or pay; but never reach our goals. We never seem to feel financially independent or free. Living the American dream is a myth for most of us.


Be Your Own Money Guru

Be Your Own Money Guru: Securing Your Financial Future is all about tips and advice to help the averageindividual nail a better financial destiny. You will learn the following: Basic money management techniques How to secure your financial future How to create multiple sources of income The benefits of not having money troubles

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